This small Cornish Cottage was beautiful but not really practical for a modern family.  With potential to expand into the large garden the clients approached Martin and the Sprout Design Team to see what could be done to bring the building into the modern world.

Client Brief

A large and airy living space, making the most of the views of the Cornish garden.  The new area needed to be large enough to house an open plan living, dining and kitchen.  Although the area needed to be open plan each section should be clearly defined as individual spaces.

Sprouts Role

Martin worked with the client to design an extension which although modern, complements the old cottage, making use of external walls and adding the new building as sympathetically as possible.  Martins natural talent for seeing the practical side of design enabled them to create a design which suits the families lifestyles.

The project has only just begun but but is already making great progress.  As you can see from the plans below and the start of the project this will be a huge transformation.

Great team on site making sure it all runs smoothlyGreat smile for the camera!Essential elevensesThe cottage has been cleared insideThe fireplace will be renovated along with the rest of the propertyUpstairs shows the volume of work to be doneHuge expanse of living spaceBeautiful cottage wall which will be a feature in the new extensionThe external wall of the cottage into the new section Lovely high roof on one end of the old cottageDramatic difference from outsidePlenty of space all round the house still

Isometric PlansClearing the landWheelbarrows at the ready