Welcome To Sprout

At Sprout Construction our inhouse experts in design, construction and project management work together under one roof to offer an innovative and inclusive approach to construction.  Combining our adaptive and responsive Design-and-Build process with a company ethos of respect, courtesy and consideration towards our clients enables Sprout to consistently deliver high quality projects on schedule and on budget.  Located in North Cornwall we design and build brand new homes and renovations.

Architectural Services

Sprout Architectural offers full architectural and design services.  Our comprehensive package aims to align your vision with your budget and time frame, and fully equip you to begin building your dream.

A Sprout home is designed to encompass all the things you love and require from your home, to meet your needs, and to bring your vision to life within your budget.  Whether you require open plan living, catering for multiple generations, or a beautiful space to inspire your inner artist, Sprout’s Design Team facilitates a collaborative creative venture between architect and client to truly ‘sprout’ your dreams into reality. 

Design & Build

As well as operating as independent entities, Sprout Architectural and Sprout Construction can act together as a single professional Design-and-Build team to manage and coordinate your entire project.

By offering both architectural and construction services together in a Design-and-Build package, Sprout can manage your project from the outset, guiding you through planning and design, the logistics of surveys, certifications and site preparation, the management of the build process itself, right through to completion. 



Our experienced project management team will coordinate our trusted and skilled tradespeople to ensure that your project progresses in an efficient and timely manner. 

Our handpicked teams of highly experienced tradespeople are masters of their craft – from electrics to plumbing to joinery to stonework.  As well as being skilled in their specific areas of expertise, our construction teams are highly conscientious and accustomed to working to Sprout’s high standards of client care.


Sprout is committed to embodying the principals of sustainable development in all of its practices.  In today’s rapidly expanding world, the development of our built environment has an enormous impact on our dwindling resources.  As we are located in a particularly beautiful corner of the UK, it is important to us that Sprout buildings are designed and constructed to high environmental standards, with an emphasis on conserving and enhancing the natural environment, whilst providing for human health and wellbeing.


Our design team can advise on renewable energy systems and environmentally friendly design elements.  Our close relationship with our site teams means that we can plan for maximal resource efficiency from the outset, with a focused site waste management policy.  From the early stages of a project we aim to ‘design out’ waste by using a coordinated design approach. This is followed through on site by waste management strategies to ensure our clients are getting bang for their buck and reliance on landfill is kept to a minimum.



We believe in supporting our local economy by employing local tradesmen, and using local suppliers.  Wherever possible we also source local materials in the interests of reducing the carbon footprint associated with long distance transportation of supplies.


Our design team takes a ‘fabric first’ approach by ensuring that extra care is spent on the critical details in order to meet and often surpass current airtightness and thermal efficiency standards. We work with you at handover stage to optimise the occupational efficiency of your building by talking you through the operating of your new home.

Sprout Projects

Whether it’s a small kitchen extension or large contemporary new build; each project deserves the same level of care and attention to detail. At Sprout we pride ourselves on being friendly, reliable and professional. Our projects page holds a variety of the latest projects we have completed and are currently working on.

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Why Sprout?


Why Sprout? Well, a sprout is exactly what it says on the tin – dependable, consistent, and with the right delicate handling, even exciting (honest!).  We promise to make your Sprout experience memorable for the right reasons.
Established in 2003 by Martin Northey, Sprout has grown roots in Cornwall and has an affinity with the area, a love of all that makes Cornwall such an incredible place to live.  When building your home, office or studio  you want to be able to enjoy the process, surrounded by people who understand why you chose to live here and what you want to achieve from your new project.  We will focus on ensuring that your building project is exceptionally well designed, managed and co-ordinated; saving your time and energy to simply soak up this wonderful rural environment.
With Sprouts unique offering of both design and construction services either separately, or together in our signature Design and Build package, it is understandable that Sprout has truly ‘sprouted’ over the years.  Sprout pulls together an expert team of design and construction professionals: find out more about them here.